Hiphop In Je Smoel presents ALL CAPS podcast with insights from the world of street art

The fall 2022 season includes the HIJStakkies podcast, which moves us toward street art. The cold season opens with a series of ALL CAPS specials. Several panel discussions and talks were recorded during the street art festival and are now offered as podcasts. Want to learn about the latest developments in this art form, new techniques and materials, check out a Q&A with an international artist or the story behind the increase of street art in museums? Check out ALL CAPS podcast specials. Every Wednesday on your favorite streaming or podcast app!

Getting started with street art as an enrichment of the city

In the first episode of the HIJStakkies ALL CAPS specials, cultural journalist Jaap van der Doelen talks with Marthe Heltzel (policy advisor Art & Creative Industry at Rotterdam City Council) curator and organizer of Breda’s Blind Walls Gallery Dennis Elbers and visual artist Ricardo van Zwol. About how street art can enrich a wall, a home, a neighborhood and a city and can serve as city marketing. You will also hear about the importance of a portfolio, how to convince residents of a design, the preservation and impermanence of a painting and the freedom of artists within a commission.

The podcast was recorded live in front of an audience during the Insight program of street art festival ALL CAPS in Rotterdam. Enjoy listening!

Rauwkost Film has summarized the ALL CAPS week in a 83 second video!

Ooohh my. We’re still on wobbly legs from a week of madness. Street art, sculptures, canvases, intervention art, sky lifts that were painted, stickers, tags, exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, video animations, shops, a basketball court that was painted by the youngest visitors, screen printing, bike tours…. And all this was summed up at lightning speed by Rauwkost Film. Check out our first aftermovie of the 2022 edition here!