Belgian street artists spruce up subway stations in run-up to POW! WOW! Rotterdam

On September 15 and 16, POW! WOW! Rotterdam will liven up the port city with art, but in the run-up to the free festival, new art will already be created. Two renowned Belgian street artists will create artwork in the bowels of the city between August 27 and September 1, at two of its subway stations.

With small art interventions, the Brussels street artist Jaune, and Pol Cosmo from Ghent, will spruce up subway stations Eendrachtsplein and Marconiplein. Jaune is known for his stencils of workers like garbagemen and street sweepers, while Pol Cosmo often depicts insects in his mural illustrations.

Photo by Ferdinand ‘Ferre’ Feys

In the run-up to free festival POW! WOW! Rotterdam, which along with street art, also offers a music and sports program, Rewriters010 and Rotterdam transit authority RET collaborate to promote street art. Their partnership goes back to 2016, when Rewriters010 won both the jury and audience award at the RET’s Aardig Onderweg Awards, for their encouragement of street art in Rotterdam. Part of the award was a trip to the Hawaiian edition of the POW! WOW! festival, where the idea and necessary relationships to organize a Rotterdam edition of the festival would soon be formed. The result can soon be experienced at the Keilewerf the Merwe-Vierhaven area, where the first European edition of POW! WOW! will be held.A location that, not coincidentally, can easily be reached through the subway stations the aformentioned artists will be working at.

If you want to catch these Belgian street artists at work, you can spot them each day from August 27 to September 1 at 19:00h, at Rotterdam subway stations Eendrachtsplein and Marconiplein.

The full line-up of artists and musicians at POW! WOW! Rotterdam be found here. The Facebook-event can be found here.

POW! WOW! Rotterdam adds international music line-up to its program

Today POW! WOW! Rotterdam, the street art festival which will be held on 15 and 16 September at the Keilewerf in Rotterdam, adds a music line-up to their already stacked program. In addition to arts and sports, visitors can enjoy a fine selection of hiphop acts on an outdoor stage on Saturday 15 September. Popular Dutch rappers such as Sevn Alias and Pietju Bell will perform that day, alongside some surprising international acts.


Belgium’s finest bands are coming to Rotterdam

In the early days of her career, the Flemish Coely already played as support act of greats like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole with her mix of grooves, vibes, singing and rap. Last summer, she and her band tore down many big festivals such as North Sea Jazz, Tomorrowland and Pukkelpop. What else would you expect with a debut album like Different Waters, which is just as good as it is diverse? In her show she mixes fierce raps with soulful singing vocals; the Rotterdam crowd can prepare for a dazzling headline show of this lady from Antwerp.

Also from Belgium: blackwave. With their jazzy keys and sensible raps, the Antwerp hip hop duo consisting of producer Willem Ardui and rapper Jaywalker, turned out to be one of Europe’s most promising acts, both live and in the studio. With their debut EP Mic Check they give nods to classics by J Dilla, D’Angelo and Mos Def. Live they share the stage with jazz musicians. Whoever says blackwave., says live music. Rock Werchter has already experienced it, now it’s up to Rotterdam. A must see!

Sevn Alias

The spotlight on the Dutch streets

Of course the Dutch hiphop scene gets a big spotlight during POW! WOW! Rotterdam. Sevn Alias will play a full set, just after the release of his new album Recasso, which will be out on August 31st. In the past three years his star never ceased rising while he scored hit after hit. Gass, Ma3lish, Kifesh, Turnen, Tempo, Patsergedrag, Pray For Job; the list goes on and on. The swinging single Seeka is a promising taste of his latest work and his shows at WOO HAH!, Lowlands and Pinkpop also underline his abilities on stage. Today was a good day, blow all that Seekaaaa!

The name Pietju Bell has been buzzing through the hip-hop scene for years. His debut single Als Je Wist Dan Je Weet (If You Knew Then You Know) immediately went gold and he already has performed on many big stages. On his brand new debut album Als ‘t Maar Lukt which was released in August, you get to know the man behind the artist. With his inimitable flows and fascinating use of street language combined with his semi-Brabant accent, Pietju is ready to push himself through to the final station definitively; the major league. POW! WOW! Rotterdam is the next stop.

Het Gezelschap

Fresh new sounds from Rotterdam’s own

The line-up is completed by a selection of the finest Rotterdam acts. Het Gezelschap is a new trio consisting of Jordy (De Likt), Diggy Rast (Brandwerk) and Juno Rissema, the night mayor of the city of Dordrecht. On paper that combination might look crazy, but those who already know these musicians, know this is going to be a unique and energetic experience.
The same applies to the show of the ever-rising Shagga Ranx, a name that is currently very popular at various underground venues in Rotterdam. Rightfully so, because his live shows are explosive.
That energy will be tempered by Philanthrope and DJ Splend, on behalf of the internationally renowned label Chillhop Music (headquartered in Rotterdam), a platform that offers you the best lofi hiphop, jazzhop and triphop in its own area at POW! WOW! Rotterdam! For those chill vibes you can go to restaurant Uit Je Eigen Stad between 12:00 and 18:00.

Rotterdam DJs Ray Escobar and Darryl Antunez (of The Scenario) take care of the decks during the afterparty and will also play tunes between the acts and DJs Dencho, Slimsalabiem and Deus will also provide music during the day. And 12 Volt collective Move around Sound will ride out their mobile sound system(s) for some genuine block parties on Saturday, traveling the routes to both festival areas!

The timetable will be published prior to the festival. You can check out tunes by our musical guests on the page presenting the full line-up of artists at POW! WOW! Rotterdam.

These mural artists will be at POW! WOW! Rotterdam

over 40 artists are coming to Rotterdam

September 15 and 16 is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend for street art lovers worldwide, especially those in and around Rotterdam. And today we are proud to announce our lineup of over 40 artists, premiered by San Francisco-based street art magazine JUXTAPOZ.

Ranging from the psychedelic black and white designs of BIER EN BROOD, to the luscious colors of DAN KITCHENER, and the mesmerizing calligraphy of ZEPHA, there’s a wide variety of styles that visitors will be able to admire entirely free of admission. The aforementioned artists are joined by internationally renowned names such as DANNY RUMBL, DILK, DOPIE, DZIA & SONS, ENIGMA GEOMETRICKS, FANAKAPAN, I AM EELCO, KARSKI & BEYOND, ME LIKE PAINTING, MR JUNE, NUNO VIEGAS, OZON, SUPER A and TELMO MIEL in painting murals you need to see to believe!

Check out our full gallery of mural artists!

20 vans, 30 cans

But that’s not all! At POW! WOW! Rotterdam not only walls will be painted, but 20 large vehicles, including trucks, vans and campers, will be given a fresh, new design by artists CES53, HIPSTERSKULLS & DIGII55, JOREN JOSHUA & ILSE WEISFELT, IVES ONE, JAKE, LEMPKE, GOMAD, MICK LA ROCK, MISTER, NASH, NEAS, OLES, OX ALIEN, PAGE3, POP-EYE, SAID KINOS, SREK, STOOG and SUNK. And if anyone wishes to have their own van painted as well, there’s still time to apply, although not much! So don’t hesitate; there are only a few available spaces left!

Check out our full gallery of artists!

The #1 Street Art Festival in the World is Coming to Rotterdam!

POW! WOW! Festival is the best known street art festival in the world. It started in the outskirts of Hawaii, transforming a grey suburb in a beloved open air gallery. After several successful editions on the island, the festival spread to locations in Los Angeles, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. And now Rotterdam becomes the proud host for its first European edition!

The festival will be held on September 15 and 16 at Keilewerf 1 and 2 and also includes a dunk contest, freerunning tournament and music programming (of which the lineup will be announced at a later date) and is entirely free of admission.