Our information towers are art as well!

When you’re visiting POW! WOW! Rotterdam, you’ll can read all important information on the signing towers throughout the neighborhood. You can catch them all five and it’s worth the time to search for them, because they have been painted by a selected female artist line-up! Yes, even our information towers are start! Go out hunting for them!

Lineup: Tuig Oma + Eveline Schram + Elzeline Kooy + Studio Kling + Nina Fernande

Montana Cans Demo Zone w/ Iris van der Heijden

When you’re visiting the 55X5 exhibition (only with pre-registration!), don’t forget to check out the Montana Cans Demo Zone! This year, Iris van der Heijden has been selected as the artist to fill a room with pure skills.

When you’ve made a reservation for 55X5, you’ll have free entry to the Montana Demo Zone, where Iris Vanderheijden will showcase her skills with non spray paint! This year’s end result will have a gallery feel and is a display of the endless possibilities of putting markers, inks and brushes into the right hands.

All visitors of 55X5 will soon receive an e-mail with address information.

Last minute good and bad news

Last minute we have some bad news and some good news… Due to unforeseen circumstances, the mural of Ox-Alien unfortunately won’t be part of the new POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2020 street art route. That’s a pity, because now a beautiful wall remains artless. That is not up to us and not up to the artist. The wall he was going to paint is located at a school entrance, and because of their current COVID-19 measures, Ox isn’t able to paint over there. But let’s turn this bad news into good news: Ox-Alien is our first muralist confirmation of 2021! Yes, our little pink friend will be back next year!