Relive the spirit of POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2021 with our official aftermovie

What a week it was.

We collaborated with Nul Teen Art to give upcoming local to give young local talent like Kiara & Essie a platform. We celebrated the city of Rotterdam with the biggest solo mural yet by its unofficial visual ambassador Ox-Alien. We affirmed the history of monumental bridge De Hef and what it personally means to people through a beautifully moving portrait of its last bridgekeeper by MOTS. We shared our stage with with sculptural artists for the first time, in an expertly curated exhibition by Onno Poiesz. We were warmly welcomed into the Hefpark, an absolutely inspiring and many-sided park maintained by neighborhood residents, for our evening artist talks, writers bench and spoken word performance.

And we simply had a ton of fun with a group of incredibly friendly, open and creative artists from all over the world. There were tacos, drinks, a whole lot of paint, used to create art that will hopefully leave everybody in its surroundings with a smile for many years to come. It would be impossible to list all of the heartwarming moments we were treated to during POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2021, but somehow, filmmaker Eddie Contento of Rauwkost Collective managed to capture a lot of the spirit behind them in the aftermovie we now proudly present.

Take a look, and thanks for going on this journey with us.

POW! WOW! Rotterdam attracts thousands of visitors to Feijenoord neighborhood through street art

Organize a culture event, despite all the required security measures, where over 5000 visitors where able to safely enjoy art in the fresh outside air over the course of a week? With a lot of adjusting and a lot more team spirit, POW! WOW! Rotterdam proved that it could be done.

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POW! WOW! Daily episode 8, ft. VANS & CANS and more!

In the final episode of POW! WOW! Daily, we move from Feijenoord to the Afrikaanderwijk. There, in the Afrikaanderpark, also this year the special part VANS & CANS took place. Several owners made their large vehicles, mainly campers, available for a paint job. The visitors of the park could watch, together with the owners, how the vehicles changed into moving artworks. A realistic tiger, an animated dead rabbit with her friends or a hand-painted bus full of Italian influences? Nothing was too crazy. At the end everyone went home with a smile and a new color on their vehicle.

Also on the closing day of POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2021, there were many bicycle tours and the paint on the merch truck was dry so we moved it to the Afrikaanderplein as well. And fortunately the sun was out, which made all the murals of this edition even more beautiful. In two neighborhoods in the south side of Rotterdam everything revolved around street art, and that makes our hearts beat faster. The closing speech was given by curator Daniƫl, who kicked off the afterparty that was well received by both the artists and the team. There was delicious food and a can of beer for everybody, but also markers and spray cans (also for everybody).

Thanks to the entire team, all artists an d visitors and the Feijenoord district for its hospitality. We will see each other in 2022. We already can’t wait.