The last work in progress shots before the grand finale!

Over the past few days Martine Kiers has once again crossed the entire district to take beautiful work-in-progress photos. Through all kinds of weather. Fortunately for her, we also had an indoor program where she could go during the heavy downpours. Enjoy the photos and see you this afternoon in the Mallegat Park!

Take a look back to yesterday’s WIP-shots by Martine Kiers

Of course we also look back at day 5. Thursday, September 8 was all about substantial progress. There were artists who put their signature on the wall, and others shot up a good number of meters. Ten photos by Martine give you a good idea. Cheers!

The recap of #ALLCAPSROTTERDAM day 4, by Martine Kiers

If you’ve read the title, you probably already know enough. We are already in day 5, but it couldn’t have started before we shared this photo summary of day 4. Enjoy!