The official ALL CAPS hoodie will drop september 6!

Oh, yes! New name, still no gimmicks. Even better; we’re going level up this year You might want to rock our first ever ALL CAPS hoodie. With a special embroidered logo in white, on a black sweater, sustainably produced from recycled fabrics.

Of course you want to check out this fresh gear at our info & merch booth. Drop by from September 6 to September 9 at Korte Stadionweg 103B, between 1 PM and 7 PM. While you’re at it, you might want to check out our extra program: video art by Jelmer Noordeman, the BIG BROBOT shop with collectibles and the Dutch Graffiti Library exhibit.

During the weekend you can find our merch at the special booth in the Mallegatpark. On Saturday 10 September you can find us at RSCW Festival, between 13:00 and 19:00. On Sunday, September 11, it’s time for ALL CAPS SUPER SUNDAY, the day when the murals are unveiled and we present our own closing festival day in the park. On that day, you can buy the hoodies between 12:00 and 20:00!

We’ll see you next week in Feijenoord, right?

This is our jam-packed program for ALL CAPS SUPER SUNDAY!

Sunday, September 11 will be renamed ALL CAPS SUPER SUNDAY! The Mallegat Park, the area around the gas domes where our Sculpture House is located, will be the festival heart of ALL CAPS. Between 12h noon and 8 PM, there will be numerous activities for all ages during this closing festival day. And just like other years, the entrance is completely free of admission.

Think of a real blockjam party where Franky Sticks (besides being a muralist also a DJ!) presents a great DJ line-up with his Roll The Dice soundsystem. While you’re dancing, there will also be continuous bike tours (guided tours are sold out on sunday, don’t forget to bring your own bike to create your own tour!). This is the day the murals will be unveiled officially, so we promise the best views and photo opportunities. At the park you’ll also find a food court including bars, and a new live painting component will be introduced. The canvas will remain a secret until then, but the line-up is impressive: BASE23 (Germany), OLLIO (Sweden), Zepp van der Spek and Arno A (both NL). Of course, the exhibition EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, with works by Simon Schrikker, Henny Overbeek and EGS can also be visited in the gas dome.

In addition, there is a special kids program for the youngest visitors where they are introduced to the world of street art in an accessible way! Want to design and print your own ALL CAPS shirt or poster? Mesh Print Club invites you to an open-access screen-printing workshop, between 1 PM and 5 PM. Walk up to the tables and they’ll make sure you get everything you need to take home a unique print! Except for t-shirts, those are for sale or you can bring your own! Pssssh… do ask your parents for a cotton one, to avoid disappointment!

The basketball court at Mallegat Park will serve as the location for the workshop Strike A Pose. Will you show off your best dance move? Do you make a running move? Or…. In any case, together with illustrators Lotte Prins and Tim Mulder, you will create a large chalk artwork of all kinds of cool poses. You will draw each other’s silhouettes and then color in your own. This creates a world full of life and color!

Of course you’ll be able to get our exclusive merchandise, drinks and food while catching the good vibes!

So don’t miss the Mallegat Park during your walk or bike tour through Feijenoord on our final day. See you on 11 September! Follow us on Instagram for real-time developments.

Here it is: our mural map for 2022!

We’ve kept you waiting, we’ve kept you sweating, but most of all we’ve hopefully whetted your appetite for the first edition of ALL CAPS! Today we announce the who’s and where’s! The map can be found here as an image, but you can also download it as a high-resolution PDF here (note: 87 MB!). Also, the Rewriters010 mobile app has been updated with the ALL CAPS 2022 street art route. You’ll get all the information in audio format, and it shows the ‘before’ pictures of the walls. Download it here.

You can also find the map in the booklets you can pick up for free at the following addresses:

ALL CAPS HQ: Korte Stadionweg 103B
WEAR, a fresh step: Beurstraverse 117
Rotterdam Tourist Information: Coolsingel 114
Albeda location Rosestraat: Rosestraat 1101