The history of ALL CAPS

ALL CAPS: Capital art!
Welcome to Feijenoord! In front of you stands one of the signing poles that serve as the route map for ALL CAPS. You may have seen our colorful logo along the road on posters, on the internet or on stickers. It’s time for official kick start, as we have a new name as a street art festival. But we’re not complete newcomers. As POW! WOW! Rotterdam, we already realized many murals in Rotterdam in recent years.

The foundation of our festival is street art: art in the public space. It includes murals, intervention art and sculpture art. Street art, as a visual art form, is a low-threshold art discipline that is accessible to everyone. We are inviting various local, national and internationally renowned artists to Rotterdam to paint walls, buildings and objects in the public space or to create installations and sculptures within the context of a festival. In recent years we have settled in the Merwe-Vierhaven area, the Afrikaanderwijk and Feijenoord.

The last mentioned location pleased both us as an organization and the local residents very well. We are proud that we have the possibility to return here. So we are not completely new at all. We have only put on a different jacket. And while the exterior changed, at the core we still have the same mission and vision: to make Rotterdam more beautiful step by step and to use the city as a stage for artists from the neighborhood, from the country and worldwide.

Here, in the beautiful, hospitable and colorful south of Rotterdam, ALL CAPS is very happy to expand the street art route. After MOTS, Ox-Alien and Halfstudio, among others, created beautiful murals in 2021, we have managed to get a very diverse selection of artists to beautify Feijenoord in 2022. Graffiti-pop, bright colors, graphic shapes, intricate details, unique lettering; you can find it all on the walls in this beautiful neighborhood.

This year, the walls will be beautified by HOW and NOSM, Ten Hundred, Eveline Schram, BustArt, Reinier Landwehr, James Klinge, Franky Sticks, MONDÉ, Jelmer Noordeman, Nomad Clan and David Bruce. A selection of local, national and international artists who are ready to surprise you!

You can see who is working where on the map on this pole. Feel free to take a booklet with you, so you can have it in your pocket as well!

The versatility of street art
As ALL CAPS, we would also like to show the current events within the street art scene. Street art is now a concept that is many times broader than just murals. Worldwide trends such as painting sports fields, the exhibition of sculptures and live painting we highlight even further and deeper than before. In this way, we create an open-air museum without closing times. The artworks are of high quality. In this way we transform a district of Rotterdam every year and have a positive impact on the residents, businesses and the living environment.

After all, the streets belong to the people who live and work there. All people are equally entitled to things that are beautiful and make you think. Art on walls and in public spaces is there for everyone to enjoy. This instead of art in a museum – surrounded by at least four walls and perhaps a guard – which is only there for those who can afford it. ALL CAPS is thus accessible and free to visit for everyone.

And there is a lot of intervention art to be found on those streets, but you have to look hard or simply bump into it. This year, Rotterdam artist Maurik Stomps and Miss.Printed, who was born in the Netherlands but lives in Norway, will be providing unique works to enrich the streets. Their art will collaborate with an already existing audience, artwork, situation or location in a way that will undoubtedly put a smile on the face of many visitors.

In addition to the murals and the intervention art, the Sculpture House will also return. Under the name EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, we are giving the exhibition of sculptures and installations a larger role within the festival program. ALL CAPS wants to offer progressive artists a stage and show the public that street art is more than just paint on a wall. In a former gas dome in the Mallegatpark, Rotterdam-based artist Onno Poiesz curates a line-up of trendsetters in the field of post-vandalism sculpture art. This year the Sculpture House line-up consists of Henny Overbeek, Simon Schrikker and EGS. This exhibition can be seen all week. And it’s ideally located among the murals in a mini-oasis called the Mallegatpark. Take a little break here and then continue your tour of the neighborhood!


Under the name INSIGHT, ALL CAPS premiers a weekly program that is largely focused on various stakeholders within the street art scene. From September 6 to 9, every day there is a different theme within which various activities will take place. From lectures to panel discussions and from workshops to demos. Admission is completely free but a ticket must be obtained in advance due to limited capacity. All info on this program and free tickets can be found at

During the closing weekend we present an extensive program in and around the Mallegatpark! On Saturday, there are free guided walking tours, starting at the Mallegatpark, where RSCW presents their festival.

The closing Sunday we rename ALL CAPS SUPER SUNDAY because on the ultimate final day we will present a festival in the Mallegatpark. Besides the shop and info stand, there will be continuous bike tours where visitors can admire all the new street art of Feijenoord. This is the day when the murals will officially be unveiled.

There will also be a very special live painting session, in which an international line-up of artists will participate: Ollio (Sweden), BASE23 (Germany), Zepp van der Spek and Arno A. (both NL) will all get a special canvas to exhibit their art on. We will keep secret what that canvas will be until Sunday September 11th, so you have to drop by and experience it yourself!

Of course there will also be a nice selection of DJs playing during a real blockjam party, presented by Roll The Dice. The soundsystem of Franky Sticks (next to being an artist also a DJ!) brings along several friends. While you’re dancing, the younger generation can enjoy themselves during a kids program! We will also serve delicious drinks, there is a food court and the Sculpture House is open. A day full of street art, sculptures, tours, music and a great atmosphere lies ahead. You are cordially invited!

The new name ALL CAPS has several meanings. First of all, the caps are the nozzles on top of the spray cans, which determine the thickness of the paint. In addition, ALL CAPS stands for “capital letters only,” which refers to a common writing style in graffiti. ALL CAPS is also a tribute to MF DOOM, the masked hip-hop icon who also preferred to always spell his name in capitals only. Finally, ALL stands for inclusion and providing the most accessible festival possible.

ALL CAPS collaborates with the festival Rotterdam Street Culture Week (RSCW), which takes place in Rotterdam in the same week. Together we make the city of Rotterdam the focal point of street culture in the Netherlands for one week. We also create sustainable impact by expanding the adjacent routes of our previous editions. In this way we put an increasing part of Rotterdam in a positive light.

We wish you a beautiful route through Feijenoord. Enjoy all the beauty!