ALL CAPS is the premium street art festival of The Netherlands. In recent years we have colored the Feijenoord district with world-quality street art and put the neighborhood on the map as one of the best locations in the city of Rotterdam to experience art. Now in 2024 it is time to realize our cultural and social impact in the Rotterdam Beverwaard district. We are thus taking a new step in our ambition to make a positive contribution to the transformation of South Rotterdam.They can be found painting live from September 1 – 8 in Beverwaard, Rotterdam!

ALL CAPS is about bringing different people together through culture. The streets belong to the people who live and work there, and all people have an equal right to things that are beautiful and make you think.

One of the main goals of ALL CAPS is to make high-quality art accessible. ALL CAPS is an open-air museum without entrance fees or closing times. The focus is on the neighborhood and leaving a positive impact on the living environment. Moreover, the festival is a meeting place for the creative industry and is a platform for inspiration and innovation in the field of street art. Young talent receives extra attention.

The name ALL CAPS encompasses many meanings. It is a nod to “caps”, the nozzles on spray cans from the graffiti world, as well as typography. It stands for “capitals only”, meaning that only capital letters are used. Many graffiti writers choose to work that way. In addition, the name ALL CAPS is an ode to the late hip-hop icon MF DOOM, who also preferred to stylize his name in capitals at all times. He even named a song after it.

Art on walls and in public spaces is there for everyone to enjoy, rather than art that has walls around it, which is only there for those who can afford it. This is why we believe so much in the power of street art.