Board & Organization

Stichting ALL CAPS is located at Delfstestraat 25, in Rotterdam. The Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 

The HIJS Foundation has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a Cultural General Beneficial Institution (ANBI). Cultural ANBI status allows donors to take advantage of the tax benefits of the Donations Act.

The Standard Publication Form for Fundraising Institutions can be viewed here.

The ALL CAPS Foundation subscribes to the Governance Code for Culture. The HIJS Foundation has a governance model in which the administrative process is in the hands of “the supervisory board’. The board consists of members who perform this function unpaid. The board meets at least four times a year. It ensures financial management and compliance with the purpose of the HIJS Foundation. Board members each bring their own area of expertise (financial, legal, fundraising or programming). Each board member stays on for a minimum of four years and a maximum of eight years. If a board member leaves, they are responsible for nominating a suitable successor. The board bears ultimate administrative responsibility, but has delegated the preparation and execution of artistic and business policy to a director.

The supervisory board – as of 2021 is composed as follows: 

Mart Bechtold (president), Nancy Hofman (treasurer) Joan Biekman (secretary).Here you can find the resignation roster of the board and an overview of their additional positions.

Management and organization – the daily management is in the hands of Daniel Claessens (artistic director and founder) and Katherina Doxiadis (managing director). In addition, the foundation works with a changing group of freelancers and volunteers, including journalists, artists and videographers.

The audit of the financial records and preparation of the final financial statements is performed by administration and tax firm Force Finance.

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