Meet The Team

These people help make ALL CAPS Rotterdam possible

Dave Vanderheijden
General Director

Dave Vanderheijden was born in Heerlen, where he fell in love with hip hop during his childhood. Because in his eyes there was far too little reporting of what was then still a sub culture, he founded the website in 1999. This soon spawned Stichting Hiphop In Je Smoel (HIJS Foundation), which promotes Dutch street culture from its headquarters in Rotterdam. In addition to that website, the foundation now operates platforms such as street art production house Rewriters010 and the street art festival ALL CAPS in Rotterdam. In his spare time, Dave eats flan and runs marathons, but not at the same time.

Daniel Claessens
Creative Director

Daniel Claessens grew up in Bergen op Zoom, after which he moved to Rotterdam to study Architecture. He ended up in a mixed group of people where nationality no longer mattered; everyone was just a ‘Rotterdammer’. Exactly that made him feel at home in the port city; he has never left since. Daniel is also a veteran with the spray can, and his experience and knowledge of the graffiti world made him the right person to take on the artistic leadership of street art platform and production house Rewriters010. Since 2018, he has also continued that line to ALL CAPS. With sublime can control, of course.

Nanne Boere
Artist handling

Nanne has been active in the graffiti and street art scene since 2012. He grew up in Woerden, but when he moved to The Hague in the 10’s, he got the chance to do an internship at Stichting Aight during his studies. There he learned what dope things you can do with street art and graffiti. He has since graduated and moved up to event coordinator at The Hague Street Art, part of the same foundation.

Katherina Doxiadis
Head of Production and Finance

Applying for permits, drawing up safety plans, sitting around the table with everyone from the fire department to the police to the municipality, and meanwhile also knowing which materials need to be produced when, exactly how many plug sockets are needed behind the screens, and who is allergic to nuts, or is only allowed to eat nuts. It’s all just a fraction of what ‘Kat’ is doing as head of production. We don’t know how she does it all either, but she does it. We’re darn glad she does.

Saskia van Leeuwen
Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Production

In Team ALL CAPS, Saskia takes care of the food trucks, the festival set-up and the volunteer team. And when ‘a few days off’ pop up in her calendar between all that work, she prefers to fill them with a trip abroad. There she prefers to go in search of the mountains or the sea. Since 2021, this Leiden native will be combining travel and work, because you can meet her in her own traveling hostel, namely ‘La Karavana’, an English double-decker bus!

Bowie van Loon

When he’s not on the road hearing great stories as a freelance music journalist, he’s writing them down. And when he’s not doing that, he’s listening to the latest hip-hop releases. This born and raised Tilburg native has been involved with ALL CAPS since its inception and never turns down a task; whether it’s coming up with program elements, writing press releases, taking care of social media or walking a tour.

Roos Geelhoed
Head of Marketing

Roos Geelhoed is an online marketer under the name Follow Fernweh with which she has recently been taking the freelance world by storm. At the moment she has latched onto ALL CAPS, so you, your mom and your grandma know what’s going to be happening during the festival in September!

Zepp van der Spek
Executive Producer ‘Insight’

Zepp started doing graffiti over 20 years ago. During those years, typography has always had his attention, and in recent years his focus has been on bringing hand-painted text back into the streetscape. The mix of graffiti, handlettering and shaping offer endless possibilities to work with, whether it’s murals or handwritten menu boards. You can surely imagine how happy we are with him joining the team. He’ll be producing our next Insight event; as an artist himself, he knows exactly what he wants to learn!

Richard Kasperine
Head of Tours

Our best tour guide? We don’t have to think about that for long: Richard Kasperine. He knows the city, the walls, the artists, but above all the art and the stories behind it. Passionately he tells you all the ins and outs about the process of making the walls. This year he is also coordinating the tours.

Linda Ammerlaan
Head of Education

Introducing young people to arts and culture? Leave that to Linda Ammerlaan. If there is an energy, she feels it. And then she has to do something with it. Preferably that is not an impulse, but something she can build on. Thus she introduces students from various schools to the world of street art, while they blossom under the eyes of their teachers. For ALL CAPS she provides various education programs including the collaboration with NUL TEEN ART.