POW! WOW! Daily episode 8, ft. VANS & CANS and more!

In the final episode of POW! WOW! Daily, we move from Feijenoord to the Afrikaanderwijk. There, in the Afrikaanderpark, also this year the special part VANS & CANS took place. Several owners made their large vehicles, mainly campers, available for a paint job. The visitors of the park could watch, together with the owners, how the vehicles changed into moving artworks. A realistic tiger, an animated dead rabbit with her friends or a hand-painted bus full of Italian influences? Nothing was too crazy. At the end everyone went home with a smile and a new color on their vehicle.

Also on the closing day of POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2021, there were many bicycle tours and the paint on the merch truck was dry so we moved it to the Afrikaanderplein as well. And fortunately the sun was out, which made all the murals of this edition even more beautiful. In two neighborhoods in the south side of Rotterdam everything revolved around street art, and that makes our hearts beat faster. The closing speech was given by curator Daniël, who kicked off the afterparty that was well received by both the artists and the team. There was delicious food and a can of beer for everybody, but also markers and spray cans (also for everybody).

Thanks to the entire team, all artists an d visitors and the Feijenoord district for its hospitality. We will see each other in 2022. We already can’t wait.

POW! WOW! Daily episode 7, ft. Vandals On Holidays

In the seventh episode of POW! WOW! Daily we visit Vandals On Holidays, who took all week in Hefpark to transform the giant Skateland truck. His typical and cheerful but still hardcore style comes out perfectly on that big canvas as well. He feels it’s important to represent graffiti substantially during POW! WOW! Rotterdam and everywhere. He states that illegal graffiti should not necessarily be seen as such: “You don’t break anything, you don’t hurt anyone and it’s not gangster. You just make something beautiful.” We can’t do nothing but agree with him.

In addition, we see previews of the completed murals at Skateland, and that Ox-Alien has been even busier this week than just painting his biggest wall ever. And also, cameraman Eddie Contento stopped by the BMX track at Hefpark, where the dumbriders gave a sick demo. What a vibe, and then the last day was yet to begin!

POW! WOW! Daily episode 6, ft. HALFSTUDIO & Anna T-Iron

Everyday during this week, Rauwkost Collective offers you a behind-the-scenes look at POW WOW! Rotterdam. In our daily journal ‘POW! WOW! Daily’, we capture the atmosphere in Feijenoord, while the artists are busy with their murals.

In today’s episode, we travel through the Feijenoord district to visit Emanuel Barreira, who’s one half of Halfstudio. He’s painting at the most southern corner of Oranjeboomstraat, making a mural with the most important word in history of words: love. Despite to the current times we’re living in right now, full of growing hate, he will continue spreading the love; all the way from Portugal to Rotterdam!

At the north end of the neighborhood, the Hamburg based artist Anna T-Iron can be found painting a long and high mural. “Your ego is not your amigo”, it says. With that message, she wants to remember the people that life could be easy if you want it. Don’t think that you need to reach the level other people are expecting from you; just go with the flow and be you. In your own tempo, with your own goals.