Corona safety measures POW! WOW! festival

We’re very happy the POW! WOW! festival can continue in 2020. However, we can only do this if we follow the guidelines set out by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. This means the festival will have a different form than what you may be used to from us.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in follow the following rules:

  • Only visit us if you are not feeling sick. Do you have experience a sore throat, dry cough, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, sneezing or any other symptoms of a cold? Please stay at home.
  • At all times, keep a distance of 1.5 meters to all people other than those you share a household with.
  • Follow the walking routes that have been drawn on the ground at several locations.
  • In the park, a maximum amount of visitors is allowed. In each of the houses containing pop-up exhibitions there is a maximum of people allowed in simultaneously as well. The distance of 1.5 meters is mandatory at all locations. Please take into account that you may have to wait to be allowed in at specific locations.  
  • Food and drinks are available in the park, and at several places in the neighborhood. For these, the 1.5 meters distance is mandatory as well.
  • All money transactions happen through contactless PIN, cash payments are not possible.
  • Take a bike ride if you can! We have stalls to park your bike at the park.
  • Upon entering the park, the exhibition houses or the toilets, please use the mandatory hand sanitizer supplied there. 
  • Upon entering the park, you agree to its house rules, the safety requirements set out by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and the rules of the POW! WOW! festival.

Visiting the murals at a later stage?

Can’t come for any reason? Don’t worry! The mural paintings will remain there for the following years, and the guides of the Rewriters team will offer tours long after the week of the festival. The tour, including its accompanying explanations of the work, can also be taken at your own leisure with the help of the official Rewriters app for iOS and Android devices.

If you decide to take the tour at your own leisure, please remain aware of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment guidelines, and respect the health and safety of the neighborhood residents, as well as your own.