Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. Along with the answers to them, of course.

What is ALL CAPS?
ALL CAPS is the most important street art festival in the Netherlands, which every year transforms a Rotterdam neighborhood into an open-air museum without entrance fees and opening hours. We have an extensive program with murals, intervention art, sculptures, an INSIGHT program full of workshops, lectures, Q&As, tours, a shop and more.

When are the mural artists at work?
Officially, the artists are at work from 1 to 8 September. All walls will be unveiled on September 8. They are free to organize their own working days, but in general you can often see them live at work between 10:00 and 18:00.

What else is there to see?
In our warehouse you can attend the INSIGHT program, visit our shop and pick up your booklet / mural map!

That INSIGHT program, what is it exactly?
Under the title INSIGHT, ALL CAPS will focus on stakeholders and artists in the field of street art! Everyone is welcome to visit! Daily, there will be different panel discussions, talks and workshops. Location: ALL CAPS Warehouse at Korte Stadionweg 103B, Rotterdam. The complete program per day and registration links can be found here.

And there is always a closing festival day, right?
Yes! This year Super Sunday will be on Sunday September 8! The festival heart is the Mallegat Park, where you can find live painting (!) as well as a music program, an exhibition, activities for kids, food and drinks. Admission is completely free and the address is Mallegatpark (Persoonshaven 906, Rotterdam). The full program can be found here.

Food did you say? Are there vegan options?
Of course!

Where can I find information about the line-up?
The complete line-up with all artists can be found here.

What is the minimum age?
There are no age restrictions. People of all ages are welcome to visit and tour with us!

Tours? How can I join?
All information about the Work In Progress Tours (bring your own bike!) can be found here. Are you disabled? Check here all the info about the tuktuk tours!

Can I enter the festival with a wheelchair?
Of course. The Mallegatpark is suitable for wheelchair access.

If I put photos online, which hashtag should I include?
If you want us to find your photo and possibly repost it, use #ALLCAPS24! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.