Special education program for students and classes at POW! WOW! Rotterdam

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 18 August 2021

This year the Rotterdam edition of the world’s most famous street art event will settle in the Feijenoord district. From 5 to 12 September, artists will paint on the street during POW! WOW! Rotterdam, various national and international artists will paint walls, buildings and objects in this multicultural neighborhood.

And your class can be there! Discover the diversity of the artworks, different expressions of street art and meet the artist(s) during the special work-in-progress tour.

Duration: approximately 60 minutes
Group size: 12-16 pupils/students
For group 7 & 8 primary education, lower and upper secondary education (all types) and MBO.
Cost: 8 euros per student
Payment: CJP or pin payment
Transportation: walking from subway station Wilhelminaplein or Rotterdam Zuid

Time slots
Tuesday 6 September, Wednesday 7 September and Friday 9 September

10:00 – 11:00
11:30 – 12:30
13:30 – 14:30
15:00 – 16:00

There are a limited number of tours available. Please make your reservation early.

Even more education

Rewriters010 organizes several workshops with various street art professionals. Customizing clothing and tote bags, a unique ‘urban ministeck’ experience, or working with spray paint and a brush to create a unique mural?

Workshops can be linked to one of the tours in the districts of Rotterdam, an exhibition or specifically tailored to your needs. The program can take place at school or at a location in the city. Workshops are available from 1 hour to a full day program with various disciplines of street art or hip hop.

For more information mail: educatie@hiphopinjesmoel.com or call with Linda: 06-11378872