Watch the POW! WOW! Rotterdam aftermovie!

Posted by Jaap van der Doelen , 15 October 2020

This year, Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderwijk was once again treated to a multitude of street art by some of the finest artists to be found in The Netherlands. The remarkable week in which these works of were made, can now be relived in the film Rauwkost Collective made. It follows the many elements of POW! WOW! Rotterdam and the neighborhood as they unfold before the lens of photographer Mark Bolk, as he makes his through the neighborhood. See everything from the ‘Best Kept’ graffiti jam to the ’20 Vans 30 Cans’ exhibition, the many murals created in between, and much, much more. Hit play and tag along!

Camera: Lawrence Lee, Ken Stockx, Eddie Contento, Arjen van Doezelaar
Edit: Huub Verburg, Arjen van Doezelaar
Sounddesign: Arjen van Doezelaar
Grading: Guido Jeurissen
Music: David Doesburg
Photography: Mark Bolk
Starring: Mark Bolk, DazeTwo, Collin van der Sluijs, Naomi King