Back by popular demand: our WORK IN PROGRESS TOURS!

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 28 August 2023

Join our work-in-progress bike tours where our guides will take you to all the beautiful murals throughout the neighborhood of Feijenoord! Meet the artists, get to know the story behind the mural and indulge in street art like you’ve never seen before. From September 4th to September 9th our tours are available, so sign up, bring your bike and let’s go for a ride!

Our guided ‘pay what you like’ bike tours will start every day at our warehouse (Korte Stadionweg 103B) at 17:45 (5:45 PM). Our guides will tell you everything about the new artworks, the background stories and the artists. You will hear about the latest works, but we will look back on the 2022 and 2021 murals as well. On your way, you will have multiple photo and video opportunities. And if there’s a possibility, your guide will ask the artists to tell something about their work themselves as well!

Monday – Saturday

Want to hop on your bike for our famous Work In Progress Tours? Register yourself here.

Don’t feel like cycling around for 90 minutes? On Wednesday, September 6 we offer a special tuk tuk tour (for less-mobile people). Check out all info and registration form here!


Want to tour on ALL CAPS SUPER SUNDAY on Sunday, September 10? Click here and claim your favorite time slot!

We have also a tuk tuk tour available on sunday with very limited capacity. Make your reservation here.

The tours are done for a ‘pay-what-you-want’ price. Making a reservation for your favorite time slot is free, and at the start of the tour we will ask you to pay a contribution through PIN based on whatever amount you can miss, and what you believe is fair compensation. You get to pick the amount, which can range from zero euros to the content of Scrooge McDuck’s vault. It’s entirely up to you, and we won’t ask you any annoying questions about it afterwards.

No guide available at the desired time? Don’t worry! The walking tour (and several other street art tours through Rotterdam) can also be taken with the help of the Rewriters app for iOS and Android, the free (!) ALL CAPS Passport guiding booklet, or by printing the map yourself (link coming soon).

On Sunday September 10 (ALL CAPS SUPER SUNDAY), we will also have the ALL CAPS Passport guiding booklet available for free at the Mallegatpark. That means you can take a tour along all the artworks whenever you want, with whoever you want, at whatever time works best for you. Have fun!

Don’t feel like cycling around for 90 minutes? On Wednesday we offer a special tuk tuk tour (for less-mobile people).