It’s time to celebrate the first ever ALL CAPS edition

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 22 July 2022

From September 4 to 11, 2022 is the time! The first edition of street art festival ALL CAPS is upon us. We are not complete newcomers to the art game though. You might know us as POW! WOW! Rotterdam. This year we’ll meet again in Feijenoord, Rotterdam.

In that district, where the POW! WOW! Rotterdam story ended, we’ll start writing a new chapter. Even better; a complete new book! With a new cover, but with the same message on the inside; realize beautiful and free art for the neighborhood, the city and all street art lovers in the Netherlands and far beyond!

Of course we can’t do this on our own. A special line-up consisting of street artists from all over the world will create great murals. We’ll offer free guided street art tours, and we will focus on the street art industry during our week program. The closing Sunday, September 11, will be a complete experience in the neighborhood and at the central point of our festival; the Mallegatpark.

We get it; we’re kind of late announcing the program and lineup, but we don’t want to come in with light or easy work. We’re busy confirming some special artists who will make our city even more beautiful.

Anyway, all info coming your way a.s.a.p.! We’ll keep you posted on Instagram: check it out by clicking this link!

Artistic greetings from Rotterdam,