Third time’s bliss: ALL CAPS street art festival returns to Feijenoord, Rotterdam for one more time

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 31 July 2023

The vibrant neighborhood of Feijenoord in Rotterdam is set to come alive once again with the return of the ALL CAPS Street Art Festival for its third edition in the area. This unique celebration of urban creativity will take place from 3 – 10 September, bringing together an eclectic lineup of talented artists from around the world to showcase their skill in murals, intervention art, and sculptures. The festival promises to transform the streets of Feijenoord into an open-air gallery, where visitors can experience an array of breathtaking artworks.


ALL CAPS will host an impressive lineup of mural artists, each bringing their unique vision to the city’s walls. Barbara Helmer, a Rotterdam-based visual artist, will delight visitors with her layered abstractions inspired by gemstones, while R75 Ricardo van Zwol‘s detailed and expressive paintings will reflect his love for tattoo art.

From Amsterdam, Tommy Hagen’s unconventional blend of brutalism and transcendental meditation will surely leave a lasting impression, along with Adrian Falkner‘s innovative approach to graffiti writing that has gained him worldwide recognition as SMASH137.

Adding a global perspective to the festival, artists from different corners of the world will converge on Rotterdam’s streets. Jorge Charrua, all the way from Lisbon, Portugal, will also grace the festival with his enigmatic and moody urban portraits, adding an atmospheric touch to the colorful cityscape.

George Rose from Melbourne, Australia, will bring her flair for vibrant colors and uplifting shapes to create murals that inspire and uplift. Sophie Mess, a UK-based artist renowned for her dreamy botanical-inspired murals, will immerse visitors in a world of beautiful flowers and inspiring words, spreading joy throughout the urban landscape. Anders Reventlov from Denmark will use his deep knowledge of graffiti and street art to create thought-provoking and experimental works that challenge convention.

Additionally, the festival welcomes Onesiker from Toulouse, France, who is set to conquer the largest wall in the festival with his multi-technique approach, promising a wild and abstract masterpiece. Brazil’s Eneri will showcase the power of female graffiti, captivating the audience with her fearless and invigorating style. Mina Mania and STOHEAD, both from Berlin, Germany, will present their distinct artistic expressions, filled with energy, colors, and a playful approach to their subjects.

The ALL CAPS Street Art Festival is not only about showcasing extraordinary art but also aims to engage and inspire the community. The festival’s artist program ‘Insight’ and education initiatives for schools will encourage young minds to explore their creative potential.

Intervention art

Among the artists participating in the festival’s intervention program is Jimmy Granti from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Jimmy’s remarkable sticker art, stencils, and paste-ups have gained global recognition, with his pieces featuring boxing legend Cor Eversteijn adorning prominent locations from Red Square in Moscow to Miami.

Le Diamantaire, hailing from Paris, France, will also captivate audiences with his unique art pieces made from discarded mirrors, proving that waste can be transformed into extraordinary jewels, both literally and metaphorically.

Sculpture art

The main goal of this year’s exhibition at our Sculpture House is to build a bridge between Mondriaan en Montana; the artists VOID, NIMROD and GRAUNESS will show you the area between graffiti and contemporary art. The title of the show will be The Dark Oak, named after the secret society that manifested itself between 2018 and 2021 at a shunting yard in the westside of Amsterdam. The three artists will provide a unique insight into this secret world. They will use an installation to convey what ‘Dark Oak’ meant to them, what it looked like, or what it could have been.

Join us for a captivating experience as we celebrate urban art and the spirit of Feijenoord at ALL CAPS 2023. Together, we will transform spaces and inspire minds!

Find out everything about the artists on our line-up page.

ALL CAPS Street Art Festival is a non-profit organisation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands that wants to elevate neighborhoods in Rotterdam with street art. Started out as POW! WOW! Rotterdam, ALL CAPS changed its name last year and had a successful first edition.