POW! WOW! Daily episode 4, ft. MOTS & Nul Teen Art

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 9 September 2021

Everyday during this week, Rauwkost Collective offers you a behind-the-scenes look at POW WOW! Rotterdam. In our daily journal ‘POW! WOW! Daily’, we capture the atmosphere in Feijenoord, while the artists are busy with their murals.

In today’s episode we take a look at the best hidden mural of 2021; the one of the pupils of Nul Teen Art. Essie and Kiara were chosen through a contest, to beautify the Oranjeboomsteeg with a piece of art and have been busy doing so all week. Eddie Contento of Rauwkost Collective visits them to ask them about their unique experience.

But not before he had a look at the wall of the Polish-Portuguese duo MOTS. Right next to the iconic bridge De Hef, they are currently working on an art piece. Therefore, they were inspired by the story of bridge keeper Arie de Weerd, who has looked after De Hef for the past thirty years. His portrait will be resurrected on the wall, right next to his former workplace. De Weerd has passed away since, but MOTS was very keen to make a connection between the mural and its location, and has managed to tie those ends together in a wonderful way.