POW! WOW! Rotterdam adds 55X5 exhibitions to the program

Posted by Jaap van der Doelen , 21 August 2020

From 6 to 13 September, street art festival POW! WOW! Rotterdam will be back in the Afrikaanderwijk. In addition to no less than fifteen new paintings in the outdoor space, this year’s 55X5 pop-up exhibition is new. Five artists will have five days and get 55 spray cans of paint to create their own exhibition; there will also be carte blanche. With each a room in an empty building they can do what they want. Today, the organization announces the line-up of this new exhibition.

It is also a surprise for the organization what the artists will do in the empty properties at the Pretorialaan. They have been selected on style, diversity and the ability to organize their own expo in a short period of time. The participating artists are: Ard Doko, Ruben Topia, Daniel Grita, Micha de Bie & Otner en Jelmer Konjo & Noel Deelen.

Reservations for the special exhibitions can now be made via the site of POW! WOW! Rotterdam, but be quick! Because of the safety measures concerning the coronavirus, entry is limited to six people per half hour. You can make a reservation for half an hour in the evening from 7 to 11 September, and for every half hour during the day in the weekend of 12 and 13 september.