POW! WOW! Rotterdam: food for thought, food to eat

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 12 September 2019

A festival without food trucks can no longer be called a festival in 2019, so we only can do POW! WOW! Rotterdam right when we’re inviting some. Sunday 15 September these entrepreneurs can be found at our food court on the side of Afrikaanderplein. Be welcome for tasty fries, delicious coffee, or fresh ice cream.

IJsbaron van Bokhoven
Sixteen years ago many people stood in line at the Boterbrug in Delft to think about which ice cream they would choose. In 2003, brothers Dick and Cees van Bokhoven stopped making ice cream and their building was sold. But no longer worrying; son Wiert brings the sweetyness back with his new ice cream truck, in which he drives through Rotterdam and Delft. And yes, you can find it on our festival grounds!

Ketelbinkie Koffie
“The taste of Rotterdam” can be read in giant letters on the website of Ketelbinkie Rotterdam. Steven Tacq has been looking for the best and tastiest coffee every day for 15 years. He is a true hard worker from Rotterdam with a huge passion for coffee and tea. His mission is: inspire, let people enjoy and share knowledge. This is one that you must taste!

Sawasdee Thai Food
If you feel like Thai-made food, then you are at the right place at Sawasdee. Shrimps? Check. Chicken flowerbeds? Check! Gluten-free noodles? Yes, of course. After more than eight years of experience in Thai restaurants, they started selling from their food truck. They were even in the top 10 of 24 Kitchen’s Best Food Truck Awards 2018. You can come and taste why!

Wood Pizza
Wood Pizza & Grill makes hand-turned, wood-fired oven pizzas and classic American style BBQ dishes from the charcoal grill served from unique trucks and trailers. On POW! WOW! they come to serve wood-fired pizzas from their latest pizza trailer. I hope it tastes well!

And for people who aren’t dare devils when it comes to the festival cuisine, there is of course also just fries. Or ‘patat’, as they often say in Rotterdam. But then very tasty. Minnies gives you that crispyness. So if you looking for the only other golden-yellow treats that are available outside the bar, you have to be here!

Enjoy your meal!