POW! WOW! Rotterdam unveils the lineup of 20 VANS 30 CANS

Posted by Jaap van der Doelen , 23 July 2020

One of the most popular parts of street art event POW! WOW! Rotterdam will return again in 2020; 20 VANS 30 CANS! On the 13th of September, the closing day of the festival, twenty vehicles will once again be transformed into moving artworks in the Rotterdam Afrikaanderwijk. The public will witness this transformation again this year.

For both the vehicles and the artists a so-called open call was set up. Many people have decided to sign up their beautiful vans, trucks and campers that will be given a very special refurbishment on sunday September 13th. In the middle of the Afrikaanderwijk, twenty artists will go to work on their moving canvases. They will be given carte blanche to create the design.

Just like the mural lineup, the lineup of 20 VANS 30 CANS consists entirely of artists living in the Netherlands, this because of the developments surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Also in compliance with the governments safety guidelines, the public will get enough space to see all the beauty happening live. The exhibition can only be visited on September 13th. This is the line-up (in alphabetical order):

Andre HZS + Drone + Druid + Pea + Marcel Thelen + Marije Maria + Michiel Chew-A-Tjoe + Nase + Olivier Schimmel + Page33 + PforPublik + Riser + Rob Sausage + Ros + Sigma + Simian Switch + Stone + Tymon de Laat + Transmitter + Zesta.

POW! WOW! Rotterdam will take place from 6 to 13 September in the Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam. This is partly during the Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend; from the 11th till the 13th of September Rotterdam will be all about street art, hiphop and urban sports!