ALL CAPS launches new video series ‘TAKKI & TAGS’

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 23 November 2023

We’re happy to present ‘Takki & Tags’, a sneak peek into the world of ALL CAPS 2023 before the year wraps up. Join us as we go behind the scenes, getting up close and personal with the talented mural artists. Discover the faces behind the art and witness their creative process in action!

Madewithlobii has followed all of the artists of our Class of ’23. While they were working in the bloody sun to create the most beautiful mural and intervention art, they took a deep dive in their creative process.

By chatting with the artists and learning more about them personally, the Takki series adopts an informal vibe. Come join their conversation! It’s also a wonderful way to discover more about Maria through subtle nods to her personal life, such as incorporating her Surinamese heritage into the title. In Surinamese, “Takki” means a conversation.

We will share all the upcoming episodes right on this page, so return here later for more! The first episode will drop this Saturday, November 25th.