What can you experience during POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2020?

Posted by Jaap van der Doelen , 8 September 2020

POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2020 is in full swing, but due to the worldwide pandemic, this edition may seem a bit different from what you’re used to from us. On Sunday September 13, the final day of the festival, there is no dance or live music event in the park. But seeing how street art will always be the heart of POW! WOW!, there is still plenty left to enjoy!

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The following things can be found in the Afrikaanderwijk each day from September 6 to 13

Oxenmystic at work | Photo by Martine Kiers

This is what you can do on Sunday September 13

During the week, some guided walking tours will be given, and the 55×5 pop-up exhibition is held in a block of empty houses. Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 pandemic, access to these events is severely limited, and we had to work with reservations. All available spots have been booked up by now, but you can always check out the live online agenda, in case reservations become available again due to someone cancelling theirs:

Can’t join us during this week after all? Some insight into what happened at the festival today, can be seen each day at 21:00h (9:00h PM) CET uur in the POW! WOW! Daily video reports. And the mural paintings themselves will remain for at least the next few years, so come visit the Afrikaanderwijk neighborhood as soon as you have the time!