‘Where can I find the map?’ and other frequently asked questions

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 27 August 2021

Our DM’s are filled up with the most diverse questions every day. We have collected the most frequently asked questions for you in this article. Read it, because then you will have an idea of how the 2021 edition of POW! WOW! Rotterdam will look like!

Will the event take place this year?
Yes! Not in the way you’re used to, but the most important part remains: the street art. Once again we’ll add many murals to the thriving area of Rotterdam-Zuid. This year, you’ll find all new street art in the Feijenoord district.

Where does POW! WOW! Rotterdam exactly take place this year?
The international artists will work in the Feijenoord district from 5 to 11 September. This covers a large area, running from the Hefpark on the north side, to the Mallegatpark on the south side. The closing day on September 12 will be celebrated on the Afrikaanderplein in the Afrikaanderwijk. Two neighborhoods full of art! The VANS & CANS walk through-event will take place from 12 to 8 PM.

Is there a minimum age?
No! POW! WOW! Rotterdam is for young and old, big and small: for everybody!

Is the entrance for POW! WOW! Rotterdam still free of charge?
Yes it is! All events are free to attend.

Is there merchandise available?
Of course! This year we will have a POW! WOW! Rotterdam capsule in collaboration with Mr. Serious! The merchandise line is strictly limited and available between 5 and 11 September at the truck in the Hefpark. On the final day, 12 September, the truck will be at the Afrikaanderplein! We’ll give you a sneak peek soon! 😉

Will there be another edition of 20 VANS 30 CANS?
Yes, but in order not to impose any restrictions on the artists and on the vehicle owners, it has been called VANS & CANS from now on. This wonderful live painting event will take place on September 12 on the Afrikaanderplein! This year it is a flow-through event. Here you can read all the information and the line-up. Opening times: 12 to 8 PM.

Will there be guided tours?
Certainly, but due to the current Covid-19 measures we are forced to keep a maximum of ten participants per tour. This year the tours are by bike (bring your own bike, we don’t have any available!) and on a pay what you want basis (You can only pay on the spot, by PIN!). That means you get to decide what you pay. Each participant must register separately via this link. Reservation is free.

The tours take place daily from September 5 through 11, between 18:30 and 20:00. On September 12 the tours will depart from the Afrikaanderplein, next to the truck that serves as info- and merch-point. Reservations for these tours are now open as well!

But can I also get or print a map myself?
Of course you can! If you don’t feel like taking a guided tour or if you run into a full reservation system, you can always go yourself. The map of the murals can be found here, or you can pick up a POW! WOW! Passport booklet at the truck in the Hefpark, at the Tuig Oma exhibition at Rotterdam Central Station or at one of the official partner locations in the Feijenoord district. A list of these will be online soon! Or simply download the Rewriters010 app, so you can be navigated through the neighbourhood!

Where can I find this year’s line-up?
Here. And psst… we’ll be adding new names until the festival starts!

Will there be an intervention artist who will put up and/or hang small works of art, just like in previous years?
Yes! This year it is Pappas Pärlor from Sweden. He makes fun little artworks that require a good search in the neighborhood! Examples can be found here.

Do I need a Coronacheck?
A Coronacheck is not required for any part of the festival. We urge visitors with complaints not to come to our program, but you do not need to show a QR code. The closing day on September 12 will take place on the Afrikaanderplein and will be a flow-through location. You are welcome to come and look at all the artworks but it is not possible to take a seat. The situation will be similar to the market that takes place here bi-weekly.

What’s new this year?
For the first time, POW! WOW! Rotterdam opens its own Sculpture House! In one of the gas domes in the Mallegatpark you can admire a special exhibition curated by Onno Poiesz. The Sculpture House is open daily from 5 to 12 September between 13:00 and 18:00.

In addition, throughout the city (Rotterdam CS, Bijenkorf, Markthal) there are various POW! WOW! pop-up specials you don’t want to miss!

Is there a music stage on the closing day this year?
No, due to Covid-19 restrictions we can’t have a stage in the Afrikaanderpark.

What is there to do on 12 September?
Well, a lot! You can join a bike tour along the murals, the VANS & CANS live vehicle painting, there is an exhibition of old VANS & CANS vehicles from previous editions and the Sculpture House is open in the Mallegatpark. And then there are the murals of 2019 and 2020 that can still be admired in the Afrikaanderwijk. Not one, but two neighborhoods full of art!

In addition, this year POW! WOW! this year covers not only the Afrikaanderwijk and Feijenoord. In various parts of the city you can find the so-called pop-up specials. Ox-Alien’s selfie-spot in the Markthal, TuigOma’s place in Rotterdam CS and the special Bijenkorf shopping window curated by Onno Poiesz for example! So you can go all over town and look for POW! WOW! art!

So you prefer that visitors wander around looking for art?
Yes, that brings us back to the essence: the search for street art! The Afrikaanderplein will only serve as a transit location on September 12, unlike other years. It is part of a larger area filled with street art. Therefore, there will be no alcohol sold and we will not offer extensive catering options.

But where can I indulge the inner man?
We have a tip list of official neighborhood partners. From freshly roasted coffee to tasty sandwiches; they will take care of you! We’ll publish it soon!

Do you recommend bringing a bike?
Yes, because with a large area like the one we are covering this year, that is the easiest! Cycle with the family along the murals or go looking for yourself. We’re Dutchies, so cycling is in our blood, right? Note: make sure you bring your own bike or rent a bike in Rotterdam. We don’t have bikes available!

Do you have Instagram and can I tag you in my photos?
Of course you can! You can find us at @powwowrotterdam. Tag us as often as possible and don’t forget to use the official hashtag #powwowrotterdam. We will repost as much as possible!