Sculpture House

Back by dope demand! For the third time, ALL CAPS is hosting a special exhibition in our own Sculpture House! Open from 4-10 september, you can visit a special curated show in the domes of the former gas factory at the Mallegatpark. Like all our other activities, the Sculpture House will be free of charge. Should it be too crowded inside, you may have to wait outside for a while.

Monday, September 4 till Saturday, September 9: 13:00 – 18:00 (1 PM – 6 PM)
Sunday, September 10 (Super Sunday) open from 12:00!

The main goal of this year’s exhibition at our Sculpture House is to build a bridge between Mondriaan en Montana; the artists VOID, NIMROD and GRAUNESS will show you the area between graffiti and contemporary art.

The title of the show will be The Dark Oak, named after the secret society that manifested itself between 2018 and 2021 at a shunting yard in the westside of Amsterdam. The three artists will provide a unique insight into this secret world. They will use an installation to convey what ‘Dark Oak’ meant to them, what it looked like, or what it could have been.

The exhibition is curated by Onno Poiesz.