Do you want to take the official POW! WOW! Rotterdam guided walking tour? Official Rotterdam street art tours through the M4H area, Afrikaanderwijk (and several other neighborhoods) can be booked through Rewriters010.

Whether you’ve been living all your life in Rotterdam, or are just, the Rewriters010 team will gladly guide you around the city. They’ll give you in-depth and up-to-date information about the creation of street art and the artists behind it, all over town.

The tour takes about an hour and a half and starts at 13:00h (01:00h PM). It costs €15 per person, which is to be paid via banking card on the spot.


  • If you show any symptoms of sickness (including a cold) or a fever higher than 38ºC, you are prohibited from joining the tour
  • The maximum amount of adults joining the tour is ten (10), excluding one (1) tour guide.
  • Please keep a distance from each other of at least 1.5 meter, unless you belong to the same household.
  • For children and young people under the age of 18, the maximum amount of participants is fifteen (15), excluding one (1) adult participant, and one (1) tour guide.
  • Our guide will also maintain the 1.5 meter distance, and will be audible for all through a megaphone.
  • Payment of the tour (€ 15,- p.p.) can only be fulfilled through PIN with your bank card, at the start of the tour.

No guide available on your preferred date? The tours can also be taken with the officialRewriters app as your guide, now available for iOS and Android devices. Have fun!

Pic by droos86