WEAR: Drop your sneakers, help reduce the amount of waste!

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 2 September 2021

The Rotterdam-based company WEAR is working on an inclusive labor market and reducing the fashion waste through sneaker cleaning and second-hand sneaker sales. We’re happy to participate, so we placed a special container painted by artist Bijdevleet at our pop-up shop and info point at the Hefpark. “So Fresh & So Clean”, it says, after the classic song by OutKast.

You can dump your old sneakers in the container between 5 – 12 september at Stieltjesplein / corner Hefpark, so WEAR can check whether they still have a new lease of life. In this way you help to reduce the amount of waste!

By giving your sneakers a longer life, you contribute to a sustainable production chain. Longer use means that you are less likely to have to buy a new pair of sneakers and therefore less needs to be produced. By selling our WEARED collection of sneakers you also give a pair of sneakers a second chance. The WEARED sneakers are completely cleaned by our WEAR masters and ready for a new life on your feet.

More info: wear-store.nl