Welcome to POW! WOW! ROTTERDAM! 2021

POW! WOW! is the biggest international mural art festival. It started  in Hawai in 2011, after which it spread to 17 different locations all over the world. In 2018 the first edition of POW! WOW! Rotterdam took place in the M4H area, also known as Merwe-Vierhavengebied. The year after, the second edition took place in the Afrikaanderwijk neighborhood, where we were also welcomed the year after.

Our mural art can again be found in the south of Rotterdam, but this time we’re heading to the Feijenoord neighborhood. Bring your bike (trust us, it’s too far apart to walk) and take a trip to Skateland, the Hefpark and Rotterdam Zuid train station and admire what the artists are creating in its areas from September 5 to 12. And this passport is your free guide to everything! Here you’ll find some background information on each artist and an example of their style. The actual paintings they’ll be making can be found at the noted address. In the middle of this booklet you’ll also find a map featuring all locations. 

Besides that, you’ll find the VANS & CANS event on Sunday September 12 at the Afrikaanderplein, where many remarkable vehicles will be painted live by a wide variety of artists. And in the domes of the former gas factory at the Mallegatpark, the Sculpture House will welcome you from September 5 to 12. This exciting installation of sculptures has been curated by Onno Poiesz, and contains work by Simon Schrikker, Reinier Landwehr, Wouter van der Giessen, Niels Post and Nase Pop.