POW! WOW! Daily episode 3, ft. Helen Proctor & Pappas Pärlor

Posted by Bowie van Loon , 8 September 2021

Every day, Rauwkost Collective offers you a behind-the-scenes look at POW! WOW! Rotterdam. In our daily journal ‘POW! WOW! Daily’ we capture the atmosphere in Feijenoord, while the artists are busy with their murals.

This time we step into Helen Proctor’s sky lift to ask her where her typical style comes from. She always paints landscapes in urban areas, for good reason. Now that the Australian herself lives in Amsterdam, she misses nature. For the people who grow up between concrete buildings, she paints natural elements. So that everyone can enjoy it.

We also take a look at the temporary outdoor studio of Swedish artist Pappas Pärlor, who has been beautifying Feijenoord all week with his unique works of art. We follow him as he mounts a pixel portrait Internet phenomenon Khaby Lame on an elevator and makes people in the neighborhood happy. The perfect example of how a hobby can get out of hand in a wonderful way.

Check out the third episode of POW! WOW! Daily and be sure to stop by and experience all the beauty for yourself!