These mural artists will be at POW! WOW! Rotterdam

Posted by Jaap van der Doelen , 6 August 2018

over 40 artists are coming to Rotterdam

September 15 and 16 is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend for street art lovers worldwide, especially those in and around Rotterdam. And today we are proud to announce our lineup of over 40 artists, premiered by San Francisco-based street art magazine JUXTAPOZ.

Ranging from the psychedelic black and white designs of BIER EN BROOD, to the luscious colors of DAN KITCHENER, and the mesmerizing calligraphy of ZEPHA, there’s a wide variety of styles that visitors will be able to admire entirely free of admission. The aforementioned artists are joined by internationally renowned names such as DANNY RUMBL, DILK, DOPIE, DZIA & SONS, ENIGMA GEOMETRICKS, FANAKAPAN, I AM EELCO, KARSKI & BEYOND, ME LIKE PAINTING, MR JUNE, NUNO VIEGAS, OZON, SUPER A and TELMO MIEL in painting murals you need to see to believe!

Check out our full gallery of mural artists!

20 vans, 30 cans

But that’s not all! At POW! WOW! Rotterdam not only walls will be painted, but 20 large vehicles, including trucks, vans and campers, will be given a fresh, new design by artists CES53, HIPSTERSKULLS & DIGII55, JOREN JOSHUA & ILSE WEISFELT, IVES ONE, JAKE, LEMPKE, GOMAD, MICK LA ROCK, MISTER, NASH, NEAS, OLES, OX ALIEN, PAGE3, POP-EYE, SAID KINOS, SREK, STOOG and SUNK. And if anyone wishes to have their own van painted as well, there’s still time to apply, although not much! So don’t hesitate; there are only a few available spaces left!

Check out our full gallery of artists!

The #1 Street Art Festival in the World is Coming to Rotterdam!

POW! WOW! Festival is the best known street art festival in the world. It started in the outskirts of Hawaii, transforming a grey suburb in a beloved open air gallery. After several successful editions on the island, the festival spread to locations in Los Angeles, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. And now Rotterdam becomes the proud host for its first European edition!

The festival will be held on September 15 and 16 at Keilewerf 1 and 2 and also includes a dunk contest, freerunning tournament and music programming (of which the lineup will be announced at a later date) and is entirely free of admission.