We got goosebumps from the POW! WOW! short film by Rauwkost Collective and Be Romy

Posted by Jaap van der Doelen , 28 October 2019

On September 15, over 10.000 visitors enjoyed the art, music, dance, and all the Afrikaanderwijk has to offer during POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2019. It’s safe to to say another chapter was added to the rich history of the Southside of Rotterdam. That history, and what POW! WOW! means to it, comes to life in the short film Rauwkost Collective made about the festival. 

Set to a riveting performance by spoken word-artist Be Romy, a Southside original himself. The viewer is taken to the earliest days of Feijenoord through truly historic archival footage. The glory days of Ted Langenbach’s Now&Wow parties, a tribute to rapper Helderheid and Be Romy’s own memories of growing up in the area, all fold into a beautiful tale of the area’s current days. It perfectly captures what the neighborhood means to its residents, and what public art can give them.

Honestly, we get those goosebumps every time. We hope you do too. 

The official POW! WOW! Rotterdam short film by Rauwkost Collective was premiered by Montana Cans Blog.